Family Program

Family Programs

At The Center for Success and Independence, it has been our experience that when families come together and make recovery their focus, you see notable results. Family members are involved in treatment planning and participate in the following:
  • Weekly Family Therapy
  • Multi-Family Therapy
  • Parent Education Sessions

A positive and structured home environment is instrumental for both the youth and their families. Discussions and techniques for establishing effective communications, a healthy home environment and boundaries are a part of family education and therapy.

Families are given the opportunity to practice these skills when their loved one returns home. We have found that increasing the periods of time that clients and families spend together allows all family members to adjust and learn new ways of managing issues. The home visits are the anchor of our strategy to reintegrate clients successfully into home, school and neighborhood settings.

Once a month, the entire treatment team meets with the adolescent and parent to review progress, identify obstacles and devise strategies for continued success.