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We understand the transition in The Center can be a difficult one. New residents are assigned a peer mentor and staff members to help them get adjusted, engaged, and understand the benefits of being there.
Within 24 hours of arrival, new residents meet with their therapists and discuss treatment goals. We also seek support from family members, probation officers and others involved in the teen’s life to help ensure they understand the consequences of not staying in the program.

The average range for length of stay is 60 to 90 days. Teens are transitioned out of the residential program gradually, earning privileges and increasing freedoms. Prior to successful discharge, the teens spend weekends at home, allowing time with their family to work out issues or concerns. A family contract and plans for aftercare are discussed in family therapy, ensuring the teen has a support system and educational plans in place to help ensure long-term success and prevent relapse. Teens may stay within the same charter school system to complete their studies. These recovery high schools help the students catch up academically while continuing to focus on their recovery.