We Are World-Class

In times of crisis and challenge, we give teens and their families a place to turn to for help, putting them on the road to recovery.
The Center changed our lives for the better, forever. It was a team effort – and nothing short of a miracle. The hard work from the dedicated team of counselors at TCSI -- along with the hard work that my daughter and I did, sometimes reluctantly, but continuously -- has paid off in every aspect of our lives. We’ll remain forever grateful.
~ Parent of a 15 year old girl at time of treatment

About TCSI

Delivering world class care

The Center for Success and Independence (TCSI) cares for and treats 12-17, whose psychological and emotional disorders, substance abuse and/or history of trauma have impaired their behavioral functioning and adversely impacted their everyday home, school and community environments.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Clients receive proven adolescent-focused treatment directed at the emotional, cognitive, and social roots of their behavioral issues. We have a proven success rate with youths and teens who complete the program. It is one of the reasons we receive referrals from physicians, hospitals, state agencies, and schools.

We are one of only a few free-standing intensive adolescent residential treatment centers in Houston offering a recommended 25 hours of therapy per week.

We are also one of the very few residential treatment center in Texas providing a complete Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) treatment program designed specifically for adolescents. DBT is an innovative treatment method developed specifically to treat difficult clients in a way which is optimistic and preserves the morale of the therapist and the client. Research findings suggest DBT is successful in reducing acting-out behavior, self injury, and in-patient treatment time.

Diverse young adult friends and college or university students.

We care for the whole person

Preventer history of helping speaks for itself.


TCSI was founded in 1999 by Marylou Erbland, PhD, Robert Woods, MEd and Karl Webster, EdS, to fill an unmet need not only in Houston but throughout Texas. Prior to opening The Center for Success and Independence, their private practice clients had to be referred out of state to receive intensive DBT, dual-diagnosis and other intensive treatments. This was not only a more difficult transition for the client, but it also meant that the family could not be involved in the family therapy sessions that Dr. Erbland, Mr. Woods and Mr. Webster had found to be essential to long-term success and reintegration into home, school and the community. With the creation of TCSI, individual clients and their families along with area physicians, hospitals, schools and state agencies have a place to turn to for recovery and counsel.


To provide comprehensive, compassionate and quality treatment to youths, ages 12-17, with behavioral, emotional and addictive disorders that are interfering with effective functioning in life. Utilizing sound clinical methods of treatment, our dedicated and passionate team of professionals prepares clients to successfully reintegrate into the community and achieve their highest potential.

A person centered philosophy of treatment is designed around the identified needs and desires of the persons served. The Center for Success and Independence is committed to a system that nurtures personal growth with a focus on the dignity of the persons served.

The TCSI Difference

TCSI is one of the few freestanding dual-diagnosis adolescent residential intensive treatment centers in Texas.

TCSI is one of the very few facilities in Texas that offers a complete Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program designed specifically with adolescents in mind.

TCSI offers a long-term, residential program with a minimum stay of 90 days.

We are one of the few facilities that treat adolescents with a history of substance abuse with the Matrix Model evidence-based treatment program.

TCSI's Team Approach

Members of the TCSI team are highly vetted. Our therapists bring experience, compassion and dedication to each client they care for both in our residential facility and our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program.

TCSI staff, including chemical and psychiatric therapists, work together as a team to provide the most comprehensive and effective treatment for each adolescent.

The Center’s research-based treatment plans focus on the partnership between therapists and clients. Teaching adolescents how to cope with the underlying issues contributing to their chemical, emotional, mental and behavioral issues is an important part of the plan. This dual-diagnosis treatment method is a key contributing factor in our proven success rate.

Therapists nurture and encourage clients to master the skills necessary to make positive changes and decisions in everyday life.

As part of our team approach, TCSI is an intern training center for the Houston area. We participate in intern programs in social work, marriage and family therapy, and professional counseling. We love the fresh ideas and enthusiasm they bring to The Center almost as much as we love encouraging and coaching their innovative minds. And we are proud to report that many of our past interns are now valued member of the TCSI team.


On a weekly basis, adolescents receive approximately:

  • 13 hours of group psychotherapy
  • 1 hour minimum of individual therapy
  • 3 hours of family therapy
  • 7 hours of chemical dependency therapy or other appropriate self-help group therapy

Clients are taught anger management and coping skills. Opportunities to practice these skills are incorporated throughout the program.

Trauma and abuse issues are dealt with directly in individual, group and family therapy.

Youths and teens served by TCSI have frequent and sustained access to clinical professionals – all with advanced training and an open approach to evaluation – in a number of specialty areas, including general adolescent treatment and research-driven therapy, among others.

TCSI's Tools

TCSI employs:

  • Therapists (Master and PhD levels)
  • Bilingual Therapists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Chemical Dependency Counselors
  • Consulting Psychiatrists
  • Case Managers
  • Trained Mental Health Technicians

We maintain a low staff-to-client ratio with a caseload of less than seven clients per therapist. This low staff-to-client ratio allows us to maximize the effectiveness of our client treatment.

We use the latest clinical and evaluation tools and solid evidence-based strategies. And we maintain stringent training requirements.


We care for the whole family

By recognizing the family our result are possible.

Family Involvement

It has been our experience, that when families come together and make recovery their focus, you see notable results. Family members are involved in treatment planning and participate in the following:

  • Weekly Family Therapy
  • Multi-Family Therapy
  • Family Education Sessions

A positive and structured home environment is instrumental for both the youth and their families. Discussions and techniques for establishing effective communications, a healthy home environment and boundaries are a part of family education and therapy. Families are given the opportunity to practice these skills when their loved one returns home. We have found that increasing the periods of time that clients and families spend together allows everyone to adjust and learn new ways of managing issues. The home visits are the anchor of our strategy to reintegrate clients successfully into home, school and neighborhood settings.


Southwest Charter School operates an accredited on-site school for our youths. Our therapeutic team works directly with teachers and clients to encourage academic success. TCSI also offers a GED program.

Our network of partner agencies provides on-site mentoring, higher-education planning, career development and job training services. They include The Boy and Girl Scouts of America and the Career and Recovery Center.


Upon completion of the residential program:

  • 100% of parents are Satisfied/Very Satisfied with the progress their teen made in the program
  • 99% of parents are Satisfied/Very Satisfied with the program
  • 99% of parents would recommend the Center to other parents
  • 98% of teens Agree/Strongly Agree that they feel better after completing the program