Bejeweled 2020: Going Places
Saturday, February 29, 2020
7 pm
Silver Street Studios

Join us as we celebrate the big changes experienced by the young people at the Center and help them reach their goals.

Like world travelers, our teens are going places. They’re going to complete high school, study at college, and become therapists, lawyers, teachers, doctors, welders and business owners.

Fortunately, we’ve got just the ticket to get them there.

Help us raise funds for treatment scholarships, so we can ensure each teen gets the care and therapy they need to reach their goals.

Together, we can make sure they are going places in their lives.

All proceeds benefit the treatment scholarship fund for teens at the Center for Success and Independence (TCSI).

We hope you will join us!

Robert Woods and Marylou Erbland

Tables and sponsorship opportunities are available.

Since 1999 TCSI has provided services that have changed the lives of thousands of teens and families in crisis, teens with substance abuse and mental health issues, including trauma and domestic human trafficking victims. On average, we serve over 180 adolescents and their families every day, providing long-term residential treatment, intensive outpatient services, and outreach programs. Over 80% of the teens are successful when they complete our program but we need your help.

Increased pressure from insurance companies is reducing the length of stay of clients, in some cases to as little as 30 days – far too little time for many of these youth to receive the treatment and positive results they need. You can help by supporting scholarships that will ensure these teens are not sent home before they are ready. Every additional day – just $350 each day – can make a difference, preventing an overdose, stopping a suicide, and saving a life and a family.